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Monday, Jan 26th 2015


Our mission and vision

EVIAGENICS started its activities in 2010 based on an innovative and patented technology allowing generation of molecules, through green and sustainable processes, that would traditionally be produced by chemical reactio...

About Us

The EVIAGENICS' team assembles more than 20 years of industrial experience. The scientific background of the staff includes: General molecular biology Yeast and bacterial genetics Biochemistry and enzymology Cultur...


Recombination of genes is normally limited to very high DNA sequence homology. The in vivo recombination technology approach extends these natural limitations to recombination of highly diverged sequences and thus enable...

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Inspired by nature, Eviagenics engineers biosynthetic pathways for aromatic molecules and has developed strong knowledge in yeast host cell metabolism.

Eviagenics has developed a unique in vivo evolution technology for efficient pathway engineering. This technology uses the cell recombination machinery to rapidly assemble and evolve metabolic pathways directly in production cells. The generated biodiversity can be quickly screened for improved properties. Eviagenics therefore significantly reduces the time for the development of a cellular factory. Our technology offers an ideal tool box to generate and improve production cells for numerous compounds.

Eviagenics tool box provides a versatile multidisciplinary platform including, creation of new metabolic pathways, genetics and protein expression, metabolic engineering, protein engineering and fermentation development. Our expert scientific team combines creativity, innovation, brand understanding and business expertise to offer our customers unique solutions for their needs.