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Monday, Feb 08th 2016


Our mission and vision

EVIAGENICS started its activities with an innovative and patented technology allowing generation of molecules, through green and sustainable processes, that would traditionally be produced by chemical reactions. EVIAGENI...

About Us

The EVIAGENICS' team assembles more than 20 years of industrial experience. The scientific background of the staff includes: General molecular biology Yeast metabolic engineering Biochemistry and enzymology Industr...


Our unique combination of knowledge and expertise ranging from biotechnology, bio-industry, seaweed expertise and a deep understanding of the European market induces synergies and allows development of innovative differe...

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Inspired by nature, EVIAGENICS develops Natural Products and Solutions issued from Biotechnology or Bio-industrial technologies for the Nutrition and Personal Care industries.

Initially created around a green biotechnology based on Enzymes, using Yeast as a cell factory, EVIAGENICS developed and patented different technologies to produce flavour compounds and other high value components that would either be produced by chemical reactions or extracted at low yields from natural resources.

Mid 2014, under the leadership of his new Chief Executive Officer, Fabrice BOHIN, having over 20 years’ experience in the field of specialty food ingredients extracted from natural resources, the company added a new dimension to its portfolio: bio-industrial extractions of natural components from renewable raw materials of high potential, such as seaweed.

In February 2015, EVIAGENICS entered into a strategic alliance with Gelymar, one of the world leading Carrageenans manufacturer, located in Chile next to one of the most strategic resource in the world, and benefiting from unique sustainability attributes.

Carrageenans are natural seaweed extracts widely used in the Food, Pharmaceutical, personal care and dietary supplements industries. They are natural, versatile, non-allergen products also accepted for Kosher, Halal or Vegan diets. They are often used to reduce fat, replace animal derived ingredients like gelatin or improve texture and organoleptic profiles in the Food industry.  

Beyond the commercial development of Gelymar’s range and business in Europe where EVIAGENICS acts as exclusive commercial arm, the company develops its own portfolio of products and technologies to maximize the huge potential that seaweed represent. Gelymar and EVIAGENICS also have Joint Development Agreement programs in place on a number of topics.

Potential for seaweed extracts is huge. Seaweed is a natural and sustainable resource that can be expanded, with adequate technics, with no environmental impact. Seaweed consumes CO2 when growing and might be the only raw material where only natural seawater is used for its organic growth with no use of any fertilizers, pesticides or any other kind of chemicals.

In June 2015, EVIAGENICS concluded the sale of its Vanillin biotechnology and related patents to Solvay, a first commercial achievement derived from his original technology. In November 2015, EVIAGENICS transferred its Flavonoids biotechnology platform to Alderys, a well-established European green biotechnology company located at Orsay (near Paris) and benefiting from complementary assets and know-how to maximize the technical and commercial chances of success of the fermentation based Flavonoids approach.

Since then, EVIAGENICS is entirely focused on the development of innovative range of products and technologies related to seaweed and other natural botanical extracts. The team and laboratories have been expanded in October 2015 to meet company’s ambitious goals. The expansion continues, supported by EVIAGENICS shareholders, with new talents who will soon join at management and operational levels.

This unique combination of knowledge and expertise ranging from biotechnology, enzymes, bio-industry, raw material expertise and a deep understanding of the European market induces synergies and allows development of innovative differentiated products and solutions of high potential.

Our expert and international team combines creativity, innovation, flexibility, speed-to-answer, market understanding, process and business expertise to offer our customers and partners unique solutions to their needs.